Digitizing and recovering the knowledge of traditional Chinese colour of the Nanjing brocade


Colour knowledge of Nanjing Brocade has not been systematically and precisely documented due to many difficulties. This paper presents a comprehensive research on literature, artifacts and expert experience to demonstrate the colour range of Nanjing brocade from the conceptual and visual perspectives. By text mining, the commonly used colours of Nanjing brocade have been collected. Then, a combined research of chemical experiments of natural dyes in textile fragments and traditional dyeing experiments finds out the specific materials used in the ancient China and what kind of colours are dyed by these materials. Finally, a perceptual evaluation by experts helped match the colour samples to terms and a colour specification in line with Chinese aesthetics has been developed. With internationally accepted LCh value, the specification will facilitate colour identification and application for researchers, producers, and designers.


Chinese colour; textile colour; text mining; natural dyes; dyeing experiment; perceptual evaluation

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