Mapping and Decoding the Trajectory of Heritage-Centered Urban Transformation Assessments


In recent decades, the assessment of urban development activities has gained prominence, with a growing focus on their impact on historic urban areas. While numerous urban transformation assessment frameworks have been explored and applied, there is a notable gap in documented studies summarizing the literature specifically on heritage-led urban development assessments. Using bibliometric analysis and the PRISMA technique, this study extracts relevant articles from the Web of Science core database and offer insights into annual publication trends, scientific production by countries, author affiliations, citation frequency, relevant journals, and keywords. Network mapping reveals co-citations, keyword co-occurrences, author and country collaborations, and historiography. This research provides a valuable reference for future trends in heritage-led urban development assessment frameworks, benefiting researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers.


Bibliometrix; literature review; urban heritage; urban transformation; assessment; framework

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