Digital Surveying, Augmented Trekking and Valorisation Strategies for Inland Areas. The Grandi Pietre Valley


The paper deals with a study about the geosite of Grandi Pietre Valley, located in the Aspromonte National Park, aimed at digitizing and enhancing its heritage. The landscape is characterized by rocky emergencies placed as natural landmarks. They are flanked by hermitic caves and ruins from the Byzantine era. The main naturalistic and archaeological features have been surveyed through image-based and range-based techniques. The acquired data have permitted to elaborate 3D digital models, which are useful both for a geometric and morphological analysis intended for experts and for the elaboration of a multimedia apparatus usable through ICT and aimed at a project of interactive fruition of the territory. Currently, part of the data has been entered on Wikiloc, an app for hiking activities that also allows to display multimedia documentations, but a specific app with more interaction possibilities is planned. Its logical structure and graphical interface have been designed.


Digital Survey, Byzantine Architecture; Rock Architecture; Landscape; Interactive Fruition; Augmented Trekking

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