Development of a 3d Isovist Tool. The Visibility of the Architectural Space of the University Palace in Genoa Using Panoramic Photography


The present contribution is a part of a study about architecture visibility, as an opportunity to understand spatial features and their effects on user perception. One of the starting points is the vast range of scientific literature and applications about the concept of Isovist, as a tool to visualize the portion of space visible to a user, although limited only to bidimensionality. The purpose is to identify a three-dimensional version of Isovist, here called PanoProj, which takes advantage of the contrast between a realistic representation of the panoramic photography and the dynamic resources of the parametric virtual model. This paper presents an application on the University Palace of Genoa, a 17th century Jesuit college, which is the place where some architectural features, generated by the combination of typology, territory, and local traditions, could be verified, showing the potential of the studies about space visibility.


architectural space; Isovist; panoramic photography

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